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Redd-up rebuttal

Wow, I’ve become a forum for debate! I’m actually pretty stoked about this!

I had been pretty willing to go along with Beau’s claim that “redd up” was Pittsburgh-ese.

But, Jo made a good point:

Nope, we’re not quit finished with redd-up. I was born in Juniata Co.–45 mins. n. of H’burg–and learned to speak Pennsyltuckian back then as a child. Today, I’m as old as dirt so it’s been a while. Now, considering that PA was settled from east to west, considering that PBS & others give the Scotch-Irish the credit for some of our colloquialisms, how can Pittsburgers make such a claim as Beau has done when civilization reached Pittsburg last? Sorry, P’burgers, you guys came too late in the game for that claim to be credible.

Now I’m swayed again back to the eastern Pennsylvania side of things. But, c’mon, keep duking it out, because as you can see, I’m pretty much a sponge and I’ll go along with anything till a better point comes along!

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