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Hit the road

Here’s a Yorkism that, for some reason, has cropped up a lot in conversations I’ve heard lately.

It’s especially appropriate for summer – you know, time for road trips. Windows down, stereo up, maybe playing your favorite song.

But what happens when you ask a Yorker how to get somewhere?

He (or she) might tell you to take “the” such-and-such road.

You’ve heard it before: “She lives out the East Berlin Road.” “Turn on the Druck Valley Road.” “We were out on the Jug Road.” Those are some I’ve heard within the past week.

The first two, I can kind of understand. Because not only is it called East Berlin Road, it’s also “the road” to East Berlin.

Same with Druck Valley, East Prospect and other “place-name” roads.

But Jug Road? I don’t know. I can’t justify that one, I guess. Any thoughts?

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