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A trip to southern York County

Did you guess last week’s pop quiz correctly – where my husband and I ventured in York County? The specific answer is coming later, but first, here are some photos of other places we visited as we headed south in York County. You might notice they’re all food-related – what of it? 🙂

The Collinsville Drive-In. Dessert. Ice cream for Chris and I.

Hickory Dick’s outside Delta. Working backwards here; this was lunch. In fact, the specific lunches are below.

Chicken fingers and fries for me; pulled pork barbecue and fries for Chris. The service here was truly excellent – there seemed to be only one or two people working, but our order-taker at the counter brought our food out to us, came around and refilled our drinks, got us ketchup, etc. Pretty good for an “order and sit” eatery!

So, does that help you figure out where last week’s pop quiz pictures were taken, knowing that at least you’re headed south? Any final guesses? I’ll extend the quiz a day – you have until tomorrow, when the answer will be posted!

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