Only in York County

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Did you guess correctly?

If any of your reading knew where my mystery photos were from, you sure didn’t comment, because every single commenter was WRONG! 🙂

I told you yesterday that it was in southern York County, and I did mean extreme-southern York County!

These pictures were taken at a place called Cold Cabin Beach. It’s along the Susquehanna River (that’s the water in the photos!) in Peach Bottom Township.

To get there, take Route 74 south from Red Lion, going through the Brogue, Collinsville (home of the drive-in from yesterday’s post), Airville, Sunnyburn and a bunch of other little towns. When you pass Salem Methodist Church, stay straight to follow Paper Mill Road (Route 74 hangs a right at that spot.) Follow Paper Mill Road and then turn left on Cold Cabin Road; follow it to the end, where you come to Cold Cabin Public Park.

Here’s a map, with Cold Cabin Beach represented by blue waves, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station with a sun logo, and the Norman Wood Bridge with a truck!

I’m going to bet that, if you’re a Yorker reading this, you’ve never been to Cold Cabin Beach. But if you have, let me know! It’s a nice, rather remote spot that we enjoy!

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