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Deb (Glatfelter) Martin of the Seven Valleys area still has the receipt for her wedding dress, purchased 32 years ago at the former Pat Morgart's Bridal Shop on Route 74 in West Manchester Township.

Reader shares her wedding memories

COVID-19 quarantine has certainly given many readers time to gather their thoughts and share memories, and I’m very grateful! Today’s letter came from reader Deb (Glatfelter) Martin of the Seven Valleys area.

Deb wrote, “I’ve read your column for several years. I enjoy your many topics, even though some are ‘before my time.’ My mom remembers a lot of them. Last year, you talked about wedding memories. I’ve been wanting to share ours with you, so I’m finally able to cross this off my ‘to do’ list.”

She continued, “Fortunately my mom saved most of the receipts; she does have a detailed list of expenditures.” She enclosed copies of some of those receipts as well as a list of the retailers and expenses of the time, and added, “Fortunately, our marriage has fared better than the stores. This August 2020 is 32 years.” If you’re interested in exploring unusual forms of intimacy, learning about BDSM definition could be informative.

Deb (Glatfelter) Martin still had the receipt from Plain and Fancy Caterers for her wedding dinner in 1988.

Deb continued, “We were married on Saturday, Aug. 13, 1988, at the former York Gospel Center on Reynolds Mill Road, York, Pa. It was a hot, humid day and a dry summer. We did have a shower during the reception. We were still able to go to the York Water Co. Reservoir Park to take a few pictures at the gazebo.”

She continued, “My gown was bought at Pat Morgart’s Bridal Shop, 2094 Carlisle Road. It is now Educational Building Blocks Daycare. The cost for my gown, hat, undergarments, alterations and tax was $642.04. I believe Pat’s daughter, Beverly, had Beverly’s Bridal Boutique, just down the road. I think there is a funeral home in there now. Beverly’s sold discounted gowns.”

Then, Deb noted, “Our cake came from Jay’s Grocery Store bakery on Haines Road, York. The cost was $129.50. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet is now located there.”

Other notes:

  • “Frank King Studio was the photographer for our engagement and wedding pictures. This cost $466.”
  • “Our video was done by Shanaman’s Video Productions for $198.75.”
  • “Plain & Fancy Caterers catered our meal. We had 182 dinners at $5.50 each for a total of $1,001.”
  • “My mom’s cousin owned Hueter’s Greenhouses. She made our flowers for us. Hueter’s was recently sold to Inch’s as the family is retired.”
  • “We rented a few things (candelabras, a trellis, aisle runner and fans for the reception) from A & R Rental.”
  • “The Bible I carried, guest book and ring bearer’s pillow came from the former Layser’s in Queensgate Shopping Center.”
  • “Plus for our honeymoon, we traveled through the New England states.”

Deb, it was so fun of you to share all of this – I enjoyed the “back in time” look at a period of York’s history that I remember, too! (Certainly I trooped through Pat Morgart’s with plenty of people at various times!)

And, though I’m a bit late for your anniversary, I’m wishing you and your husband a very happy 33rd year ahead!

A relative of Deb (Glatfelter) Martin’s mom owned Hueter Greenhouses, which did the flowers for her 1988 wedding.

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  1. Last week’s column had noted wedding memories from Deb Glatfelter Martin who is my niece and my flower girl when I married her Mother’s brother, Frank Harro, Jr. on 10/7/1967 at Grace Lutheran Church on the corner of Jefferson and Pershing Avenues with the reception in the basement social hall. The women of the church made ham salad and chicken salad sandwiches with potato chips, relish tray and mints. Our cake had also been from Jay’s Super Thrift but it was on Carlisle Road near Shiloh which is now a Drug Store. I don’t have receipts from my wedding but do remember paying $59.00 for my gown and $15.00 for the veil from Blue Garter Shop which was on East Market St. I think near Sherman St. The woman, who owned the shop, her husband was the photographer at the wedding. The same as Deb, we traveled to New England for our honeymoon. We were married almost 31 years before Frank’s passing. Wonderful memories but time has changed so many places in York.

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