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Window candles taken to the extreme

Buffy, our Assistant Managing Editor for Features and Niche in the newsroom, is immensely smart, immensely organized, and basically everything I want to be if I ever start acting like a grown-up.

Buffy, however, is known around the office for being, well, a little… unusual. She carries four calendars around. She has a certain number of sharpened pencils at her desk at all times. And she has those air fresheners on timers that deliver a nice puff of scented air every so often at her house.

I say this not to mock Buffy, because I appreciate all these things and the glorious order of them.

But when Buffy told me her story about window candles, I admit, even I was a little amazed.

Buffy and her husband had a new house built in 1999.

And when the house was built, Buffy had it constructed so that there was an outlet under each window for her window candles. Batteries are just too expensive, she said, and I agree.

Now, what takes this to the next level is not the placement of the outlets.

It is that Buffy had the electrician wire the house so that, with the flip of a single switch in her foyer, all the candles, all over the house, come on at once.

There was a part of me that was a tiny bit frightened when I heard that. I mean, that’s some serious planning ahead right there. But the bigger part of me started thinking… wow, if I ever get to live in a house that’s being built…

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