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More on window candles

If you can’t tell, it’s “Joan’s cleaning out her inbox” week on the ol’ blog, and I want to keep sharing some of the best comments I’ve received.

I had gotten some good responses to my post on window candles.

From my sister Louise (Hi, Weez!), who just knows a ton about almost any subject you can imagine:

I would guess that the candle in the window is only popular where there is a heavy concentration of colonial and Victorian style homes. It would not suit modern styles as much due to lack of period authenticity. They make those candles with batteries too…I want you to stay safe…just sayin’

If you couldn’t guess, I have a family reputation as a klutz…

From my good high school friend Phil, who just bought his first house, with his wife, Carrie:

I’ve heard that we are the only area that keeps them in year round… other areas only during the holidays.

I threatened to get him a set of window-candles as a housewarming gift!

Then there was some more helpful advice from Jo:

The look pretty at most homes, but they can be a real pain depending on window treatment. Also, not all window ledges are wide enough to support the base of the candles. I have roll-up cellular blinds at my windows which I roll up and down everyday. No way could I fiddle with the candles everyday. I think they are especially nice at windows with curtains left tied to the side and without blinds.

So there you have it. I’m just glad other people know more than me! My decorating skills… not so much.

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