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Ask Joan: Helping friends edition

Two of the three questions today are special from my mom’s women’s group from her church, and their families. So here’s a special shout-out to the Golden Girls of New Creation – I hope I can help!

What’s inside

1. Raised-dough for knepp?
2. Old Stone Mill Tack Shop
3. Water company early-days memories

1. I was born in York, in l925, on Springettsbury Ave. My mother’s family were long time residents. Their family name is Bishop. I remember my Grandma making schnitz un knepp as my mother and I did, but we always used a raised dough recipe for the knepp. I have a recipe but never see this variation anywhere. Do you know of anyone else that does it this way, or was it just my family? It was delish! And I can’t think the baking powder type could be better. It would be fun to hear from you! We always made a sweet’n sour sauce to pour over the knepp. Yummy!
– Jane (Buckman) Graeff

Jane, I’ve never heard of nor had it with a raised dough, only the baking-powder version, but if anyone out there has a recipe and would like to share, I can sure say I’d probably enjoy it – and I’d love to hear any other memories of people eating it in this way!

2. What information, if any, do you have about the Old Stone Mill Tack Shop in Weigelstown? Who originally owned it? What was the name of it then, and when did it last operate as a mill?
– Ken Stoppard and posse

Ken is cool. His daughter, Tracey, is one of my best friends; you might remember her as my frequent York Fair date! His wife, Darlene, is one of my mom’s good friends. So when Darlene shared Ken’s question, from him and his “posse” of friends, I figured I’d see what we could do to help.

You would recognize the Old Stone Mill Tack Shop easily – driving north on Route 74, it is on your left after you cross Church Road, and across the street is Grandview Golf Course. Most recently, this was a tattoo parlor; before that, it had been a craft shop. But we’re interested in its original ownership and its days as a mill; any info would be wonderful!

3. Our final question today comes from another of my mom’s good friends, Sandy Jones, who works at York Water Co. She is on the water company’s 200th anniversary committee, and she is hoping some readers can share with her some archival information about the company in advance of its big celebration in 2016. She’s especially looking for old clippings and original memories beyond those in the company’s own publications.

If you can help, please share!

Got any questions? Ask Joan using the form at right. I’ll attempt to answer them in a future “Ask Joan” column on this blog. I get a large volume, but I will feature three each week and answer as many as possible!

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