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More memories of the former Betsy Ross Elementary School

After sharing some memories of the former Betsy Ross Elementary School in this June 2012 post, I received a few more memories that I’d like to share today!

Michael “Mykl” Lau, who you might remember from the amazing walking tour from downtown York that I shared in the past, wrote, “Loved your article on Betsy Ross Elementary School. I too am an alumnus of good ol’ Betsy Ross. The fourth grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Ettline (my sister Pat agrees). Left out of the list was the mention of the Custodian for the school. His name was Mr. Gallagher. Betsy Ross was a real ‘neighborhood’ school. I think everyone knew everyone. When I was in Mrs. Ettline’s class I was lucky enough to be selected to be a ‘Safety.’ We got to wear the white belt (with a ‘real’ badge) and assisted the younger students safely across intersections. There was even a ‘post’ at the railroad tracks on Pattison St. in case a train came along. One of the great moments of going to Betsy Ross was the May Day celebration. Each class did a little dance or something and then there was the traditional May Day Maypole Dance. It was a big deal. Another memory I have of Betsy Ross is when I was sent to the coatroom in Miss Gross’ 1st grade room for kissing Barbara Martin on the cheek. Years later I crossed paths with Miss Gross again when I was a traveling Elementary Physical Education teacher in the York City Schools and taught at Hartley Elementary School where she was the Principal at that time. My sister, Pat, and I did attend one of the meetings of the group of alumnae of Betsy Ross. I don’t know if they still meet anymore or not. I’m sure some of those folks will write you as well.” Mykl said that he was a 1962 graduate of York High and was part of the Betsy Ross class of ’54.

And Sandra Miller noted, “I attended Betsy Ross Elementary School from 1952-1955. My mother, Gloria Musser, married to Frank Musser, worked as a waitress for Berry’s Restaurant nearby. I would visit my mother every day after school while she worked there. Occasionally, I would play outside. The pretzel baking factory – called the National Biscuit Company, located between the school and Berry’s – would sometimes provide pretzels through their window.”

Yum! Thanks to both of you for sharing your Betsy Ross memories, and please, keep them coming!

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