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Mmm, Mack’s!

It’s spring, ladies and gentlemen, and that means it’s time for York Countians to start making their weekly or more-than-weekly pilgrimages to their favorite local ice-cream parlors, right?

One of my favorite’s, Mack’s on Route 74 in Dover Township, is open all year, but somehow I just can’t get in the mood for ice cream till it gets warm. So Wednesday night, the husband and I took advantage of the amazing weather to head out and get him some dinner and me some Oreo-cookie-and-milk-in-a-cone.

I got a small Oreo cookie cone. Small! For $2.50, I got what must have been three full scoops. It was amazing.

He was more in a dinner mood. And while I recommended the famous Mack’s chicken strips, he had another idea: a fish sandwich with a heaping helping of tartar sauce! And some fries. His fry-dipping sauces of choice were a horseradish-type thing (what we call onion-petal sauce), and honey mustard.

He asked me about the York County acceptability of those as fry toppings, and I said I’d turn it over to you guys. What do you think?

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