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Lunch at Brown’s

Having some time to spare before coming in to work yesterday, my mom, daughter and I headed down to Brown’s Orchards and Farm Market in Springfield Township to pick up some good, fresh produce – and lunch!

On the produce side, we got some tomatoes, zucchini, peaches, radishes and bananas. (The radishes and a banana came to work with me as my after-dinner snack.)

My lunch choice was slightly less healthy than all that produce, though! Lunch there is one of my favorite things, and normally I get a hot dog on a pretzel roll. I know, boring. So today, I mixed it up a little with a turkey-and-hot-pepper-cheese sandwich on an onion roll, with mustard, ketchup and green peppers on it!

(No comments on my odd choice of fixins, please. I can’t help it that I’m weird.)

My only complaint was the poppyseeds on the onion roll. If having onion breath wasn’t bad enough, I was picking poppyseeds out of my teeth all afternoon!

The other lunch choices were ham and cheese on a pretzel roll for daughter Sarah and ham and cheese on an onion roll for Mom.

It was worth every calorie, we decided. And a nice drive on a summer day! (We came in down 214 through Seven Valleys.)

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