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If you’re looking for a tasty Sunday dinner…

One place our family likes to eat is the Cracker Barrel in York Township, near York County Tech.

In our opinion, the best day to eat there is Sunday, because of their great specials. That’s where we went last Sunday after church, because Mom and I wanted to get the Sunday special of “Homestyle Chicken.”

From Cracker Barrel’s Web site:

“Starting at 11:00 a.m. every Sunday, enjoy two boneless chicken breasts hand-dipped in fresh buttermilk, breaded and deep fried to a golden brown in our kitchen. Served with choice of two vegetables.”

While we waited, Chris and Sarah made an alien out of paper napkin rings, and we played the peg-jumping game (which Sarah is better out than I am.)

Once dinner came, we were glad to dig in.

My dinner: Homestyle chicken with fries and dumplins

Mom’s dinner: Homestyle Chicken with green beans and cabbage (eww!)

Sarah’s dinner: Two big pancakes

And Chris’s dinner: Catfish platter with fries and coleslaw

We all liked our dinners. The dumplins weren’t exactly to my taste, but they weren’t bad, just kind of heavy. Chris didn’t love the coleslaw, but he can be kinda picky about that.

Surprise pop quiz for those who read this far: What side dish did I mention here that goes by another name in some parts of the country? Answer later this week.

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