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A Pathmark find: Anything you can barbecue, you can Saucy Sue

So, Pathmark continued to be a fun topic last month on the blog.

Bill S. was a hardcore Pathmark fan! He writes, “We followed Pathmark as the locations receded from York toward Philadelphia and New Jersey. For the past few years we have stopped at the one in Vineland, NJ, which is just a short distance from Route 55, on the way to the shore. This past September when we stopped, the store had all the appearances of going out of business. They weren’t very busy and many of the items we used to buy were not in stock. In fact, some of the shelves were quite empty. I read recently that A&P the parent company of Pathmark and several other supermarket brands had filed Chapter 11. They did say they are open for business during the reorganization. Here is a web page where you will find a map with the Pathmark store locations. The closest one to here is in Bethlehem, if it’s still open.”

But none of that deals with this post’s title and photo. That comes from my friend and former coworker Marie Elena, who wrote and said, “My mom always bought Saucy Sue from Pathmark, this amazing apricot spread we used on everything from chicken to mashed potatoes. Saucy Sue had disappeared from our lives when the local Pathmark closed, but Karn’s just started carrying it!” She later followed up to let me know that it’s not Karn’s – which has stores in Camp Hill, Harrisburg and Boiling Springs – instead, it’s the Giant in the suburban Harrisburg area, where Marie Elena’s folks live.

Of course, I had no idea about Saucy Sue (though you can read more about it here. Marie Elena’s description? You can use it on pork chops, grilled or breaded chicken, spare ribs and with Chinese food instead of duck sauce. She writes, “My mom said ‘Anything you can barbecue, you can Saucy Sue.'”

Well, there you go – learn something new every day! What other hard-to-find foods that I probably have never heard of do you eat?

(Trust me, there might be a lot of them!)

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