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Do you remember Hollander’s in Hanover?

When we were talking about the Joe, the Motorists’ Friend stores that used to be in York, I got a tip about a business in Hanover I’d never heard of, and wanted to hear what you think.

New commenter Je Legore writes, “I remember a Joe’s store in Hanover but don’t recall exactly where it was. There was also a Hollander’s store. I think one of the stores was

on Center Square and the other on Carlisle Street. Does anyone remember these stores in Hanover?”

I’m turning that one over to you guys – while I’ve spent a good amount of time in Hanover in the past decade, I can honestly say I went there about twice in my life before that time! So I need help! What do you remember?

1 comment on “Do you remember Hollander’s in Hanover?

  1. I remember Hollanders on Center Square. I believe it was between the Central Hotel and Kinney’s Shoe Store. I remember they used to line up the new bicycles on the sidewalk in front of the store, displaying them for potential buyers. I loved looking at them as a child.

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