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York County Cabinet Makers–Chairs to Coffins

From the early days furniture makers prospered in Pennsylvania. A variety of sturdy woods were available and local craftsmen had the skills to fashion them into pleasingly utilitarian pieces.
Charles Strack of York regularly ran the advertisement below in the York Gazette of 1842 reminding residents of the vast selection of furniture he could manufacture for your family. He could fit you out from the cradle to the grave. In fact, as you can see from the ad, he would even take you to the grave.

The undersigned respectfully informs the public, that he has opened a Manufactory and Wareroom of
Cabinet Furniture
on the S.W. corner of South George and Princess streets, in the Borough of York, opposite Kline’s tavern, where he is prepared at short notice, to manufacture any article in his line, in the best and most fashionable manner–and where he has on hand and will constantly have for sale, at moderate prices,
Furniture of every description
Card Tables, Breakfast and Dining Tables,
&c. &c. &c., of every quality and fashion.
Persons desiring any article in his line, are invited to give him a call and view his assortment–and the undersigned feels assured that his work will be pronounced by all competent judges fully equal in beauty and superior in durability, to any city furniture every brought to this county.
in the best manner.
The undersigned is also prepared to furnish
of Mahogany, Cherry or Poplar, and has a hearse for attendance at funerals.
Strack would even repair your piano. Later on furniture manufacturers became more specialized and huge factories developed. Click here to read about the Weaver piano and organ factory.
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The Strack furniture company was in business for a long time. Do you have a labeled Strack piece that was handed down in the family or maybe purchased at a public sale?