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More Photos of White Rose Amusement Park and Pool

Above: Probably White Rose Amusement Park in the 1920s

Another view of the park.

Pool at White Rose Park.

Closer view of the pool.
Reading Jim McClure’s recent post on the White Rose Amusement Park and its huge swimming pool near Farquhar Park reminded me that I had these original photos of the pool and park in an album that belonged to my mother and grandmother. They were probably taken in the late 1920s. Click here for Jim’s recent post.
None of the photos in the album are identified (sound familiar?), but I can figure out most of them. In this case the pool matches other photos and images in newspaper clippings in the files at York County Heritage Trust. It was a huge, easily recognizable pool. It was later known as the Boys Club Pool and also was the York City Pool. The YMCA aquatic center is there now.
Since they were all on the same page, I assumed the two park photos went with the pool photos. (See whole page below.) After reading another post of Jim’s, in which he included Jim Hubley’s 2005 column remembering airplane swings at the park, I think they do show the park. You can see a little of the roller coaster too. Click here for the post with the Hubley column.

The building below the airplanes must have housed refreshments. If you blow up the photos, one stand advertises Crispettes for 10 ¢. Others offer Candies, Cold Drinks and Salt Water Kisses.
Does anyone else remember the airplane swings? What was the roller coaster called? Was it Shooting Star? A building in the background that might be the coaster entrance seems to have that painted on it.
If you don’t think the two photos with the rides are White Rose park, let me know that too. Maybe they are of the York Fair and just wound up on the same album page.
Have you looked in your grandmother’s album lately? You never know what local history they may have recorded. My family lived in Chanceford Township, but these photos, as well as my father’s diaries, show that they got to York for business and pleasure fairly often. Take a new look at those old photos and share them.

Album page with park and pool.