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Confederate Soldiers Visit York’s Springwood Farm in 1863

In my recent post on Jonathan Jessop and his York Imperial apple I mentioned that his son Edward raised a large family at Springwood farm. In 1930, one of those children, Little Rock, Arkansas businessman Alfred Jessop, wrote back to York to his brother Jonathan. He recounted his memory of Confederate soldiers visiting the farm in 1863.
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The letter reads in part:

“That afternoon 20 men (mounted) came out to Springwood. While the Capt. commanding was talking to father & mother, bro. Charlie came out of the north door–dressed in U.S. uniform, of course, & he was quickly accosted. He produced his parole papers & I can see the Capt. carefully reading them–then they were ret’d to bro. C. All was O.K.
The gate leading to the orchard north of the house was wide open & just inside was the Napoleon Cherry Tree with the finest crop I ever saw & he told them to help themselves, that they could get all they could eat without dismounting & that is what they did. I never saw men enjoy themselves more.”
The letter is now in the collections of the York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives.