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The Washington House in Wrightsville: Not just a restaurant, also a Greyhound bus stop


I received a note this week from Samuel Kocher of Wrightsville in response to recent memories about The Washington House, a former Wrightsville landmark.

Sam had another story to share; he wrote, “Apart from being a bar and restaurant, this was also a Greyhound bus stop before 1972 when Route 30 moved north of town.”

He continued, “I remember the Greyhound bus part clearly because this is where I got dropped off when I came home from Vietnam 1968. All my worldly possessions were in a 70 lb. seabag that I carried 5 blocks home.”

He shared the postcard you see with today’s post, and concluded, “I’m sure there is a lot more interesting history of this place than I am aware of!”

Sam, thanks for your service – and for making me aware of another point about the history of this location!

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