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The tae kwon do mamas take on Borders

My friend Beth and I had a great time with our daughters yesterday – kicking some butt.

Maybe you know Beth – she writes the Smart Mama column in our paper, and, in fact, a recent one was about an experience we share – being tae kwon do newbies!

And that’s how we spent our Sunday afternoon – Sarah and I, Beth and daughter Emma, and several other families from Dover Dragons did a family TKD demonstration at Borders in Springettsbury Township.

Scary? Absolutely. I’m still quite new; Sarah is even newer. But I think we both did pretty well, and it was great to have my husband and my friend Tracey there to cheer us on, and it was a good excuse to finish up some Christmas shopping while we were there!

Here is the mother-daughter lineup, including our friend Ms. Tricia and her daughter Raychel, Beth and Emma and Nicole and her daughter Athena. I’m at right; you can’t see Sarah here because she had just finished up the part she knew and the rest of us, who are a little more advanced, were continuing.

And here I am with Nicole, doing what is called controlled sparring. The best part? During this, I get to yell REALLY LOUD. And for those of you who know me, I bet you’re not surprised that I loved that!

There is also a picture I refuse to post of me after I broke a board with my fist. I look so mean! I’m not mean. I guess I was just focused!

Anyway, it was a ton of fun. How did you guys spend your weekend? Got all the holiday shopping done?

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