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Spotlight on Hanover memories, Part 2: Fun whether ‘hanging out’ in cars or walking everywhere

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m devoting a three-post series to rounding up some memories from the Hanover area, thanks to several great comments on previous posts.

Leading off today is a fun story from Jeff Spangler, who writes, “When the Hanover Square was still round during my high school years 1965-69, we developed the sport of ‘hanging out.’ Dave Rohde and me piled into Mike Wolfe’s burgundy two-door Nash Metropolitan, then as he hit cruising speed while circling the Square repeatedly, the person in shotgun position would open the passenger door with the window open and ‘hang out’ on the door. We never fell off or got arrested.”

Sounds, scarily, like something I would have done when I was younger and perhaps dumber, though in our case it seemed to take the form of “how many people can hang off the cattle racks of a pickup truck?”

A safer letter, though, came from Jean Smith of West Manchester Township, who was smart enough to keep her feet on the ground!

She writes, “Your column on Hanover stirred up quite a few memories. I was born and raised on Baltimore Street about half a block from Marvin Stine.” Marvin, it turns out, was one of the commenters who wrote about Hollander’s Store in Hanover, which we’ll hear more about tomorrow, too.

Jean continues, “We walked everywhere!” She adds that the corset shop mentioned by Mary Graybill in a previous post was Nace’s, “on the square next to Murphy’s.” Jean also said she didn’t remember the place where Mary mentioned a possible trolley waiting room. However, Jean writes, “My older brothers said it was Newcomber’s Newsstand and they sold smokes. It was located in the first block off Broadway, beside the Moose.”

Jean also mentioned the Gloria Shop, which we talked about Tuesday, and concluded: “Hanover was a great place to live. I have many good memories there; thank you for bringing them back!”

Jean, thank you for, hopefully, helping to solve several of our earlier Hanover mysteries!

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