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All’s I’m saying is, you should read this post

Today’s fun Yorkism is one I heard at a work meeting last week.

“All’s I’m saying is,” one of our coworkers started his sentence… and I thought: I should blog that!

I must say, to be fair, that he was using the phrase as a joke; it’s not something he’d normally say. I, on the other hand, have been known to drop this Yorkism on occasion in conversation. Yes, I admit it.

Interestingly, I started reading a little about this, and of course found it not to be an “only” in York thing, even though it is said fairly commonly here. But that is true a lot of the time; even better, I found a possible reason for it!

In a lot of dialects, including some from Wales and Scotland, the words “as” or “what” are used as we might use “that.” For instance, “The man as lives in the house by the lake…” or “The man what lives by the lake…”

Take that a step further and you can get from “All that I’m saying” to “All as I’m saying” to, you guessed it, “All’s I’m saying”.

And all’s I’m saying is, that makes good enough sense to me!

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