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Tracking power outages in York County

Fissels Church Road in Codorus Township was one of many York County roads closed because of a downed tree and power lines. (Paul Kuehnel — Daily Record/Sunday News)

Worst, best, always are words I usually refrain from using.

But, in the case of our recent ice storm, the numbers back up this statement: York County got the worst of it.

On Friday, the Met-Ed power outage map showed a couple of hundred people throughout the state without power. In York County, we still had more than 23,000.

Five days after Icepocalypse, thousands of York County residents are still living without power. Each day, we’ve worked to update our readers on all platforms where the outages stand. We’ve sent reporters and photographers to the hardest-hit areas, including the Delta-Peach Bottom area, which was almost completely blacked out.

We’ve also worked to keep in contact with our readers on Facebook, asking people how long they’ve been without power and sharing resources to help:


We’ve also heard from readers on Twitter:

At this point, it looks like many York County residents will be going into the new week without power. And, although the outages have been devastating, it’s also brought out some good in our communities. Neighbors have helped neighbors. And businesses have reached out to others who are less fortunate.

Because sometimes the worst of situations bring out the best in people.