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This graphs shows growth of our Facebook audience from four counties – York, Adams, Franklin and Lebanon – and beyond. Many journalists will tell you that math wasn’t their best subject. In fact, some will say they got into journalism because they couldn’t mesh with math. But the Web reaquainted

This is a generic job description for journalists at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. These descriptions have been retooled from a print-centric emphasis to digitally oriented functions. A problem with this: As soon as they’re issued, they become dated with the wealth of new digital tools coming available. Perhaps now

Click to see full graphic.   It’s time to change and expand the roles of one of the most traditional areas of the newsroom — the copy desk. These are the folks who, traditionally, put the finishing touches on the nearly-finished work of others — reporters, photographers, wire services, etc.

This is the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ phased plan to deploy editors and other journalists to push out breaking news content – and to interact with readers. (Click on image to see complete plan.) The plan assigns duties for editors scaled according to the nature of the breaking news event.

Traditionally, newspapers measured their success in circulation – the number of papers sold each day. That’s how most of us referred to newspapers around the country. “Hey, I heard Bob got a job at the Baltimore Sun. They’re over 200,000, aren’t they?” Today, that measure does not begin to reflect

When deadline is ever-present and technology advances at a lightning pace and the needs of your audience shift from story to story and day to day, it is hard to establish a pattern of what you expect from yourself and your organization. To help with that, the York Daily Record

This is part of the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News daily news budget, an oft-referenced tool in our newsroom. Several years ago, we reshaped the budget to reflect our growing push to put our stories and photos on a multitude of digital platforms – today known as web, mobile, tablets

This diagram shows the spread of ‘product lines’ operated by the York Daily Record/Sunday News/York Newspaper Co. One recent addition to the resource list near the top: The offerings of the Pennsylvania/New Jersey  Journal-Register news organizations – in Norristown, West Chester and Pottstown, among other Philadelphia-area locations – now are