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Covering a Central Pa. ice storm: A new role for an old rule

A pica pole marks the spot in a snowstorm. This represents a new role for an old rule. For more, check out: Pica stick.

We’re blessed at the York Daily Record with all kinds of sophisticated social media tools to cover this week’s storm – stuff like ScribbleLive, Storify, Geofeedia, Tout and the best name of all (coming soon): Ooyala

But now and then, you revert to old ways – our manual record keeping method for storms – or we repurpose old tools for new uses – the pica stick example above.

But really, the future is now, and we’re able to cover more news for more readers than ever before with our long digital reach – a reach that is growing every day as you follow, friend and access our coverage.

Here’s a bit more on this from the same YorkTownSquare blog post featuring the pica pole:

Modern newsrooms are now in the business of telling readers what is happening right now in their communities.

Journalists are said to produce the first rough draft of history. Let’s just call what we do today in our digital world as an instantaneous first draft of history.

So all this creates a big challenge when facing, say, the slew of snowstorms that have afflicted the region this year.

Technology can help us to be current up to the second.