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A terrific dialogue has ensued in a recent post I made here at the YDR Insider. It’s exactly the type of conversation we were looking for when we launched this blog site. I shared an email exchange I had with a reader named Cathy, who was not happy about our

Click to see full graphic.   It’s time to change and expand the roles of one of the most traditional areas of the newsroom — the copy desk. These are the folks who, traditionally, put the finishing touches on the nearly-finished work of others — reporters, photographers, wire services, etc.

Traditionally, newspapers measured their success in circulation – the number of papers sold each day. That’s how most of us referred to newspapers around the country. “Hey, I heard Bob got a job at the Baltimore Sun. They’re over 200,000, aren’t they?” Today, that measure does not begin to reflect

When deadline is ever-present and technology advances at a lightning pace and the needs of your audience shift from story to story and day to day, it is hard to establish a pattern of what you expect from yourself and your organization. To help with that, the York Daily Record