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A terrific dialogue has ensued in a recent post I made here at the YDR Insider. It’s exactly the type of conversation we were looking for when we launched this blog site. I shared an email exchange I had with a reader named Cathy, who was not happy about our

A reader writes about the editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy published on the Dec. 2 YDR opinion page (shown above): Dear YDR Folks, About Friday’s cartoon:  The Occupy Wall Street movement is a nonviolent movement.  Yet this cartoon shows them committing an absurd act of violence.  Is this a truthful

A letter writer argues a recent YDR editorial urging tea partiers and occupiers to find common ground — and to refrain from bashing each other with stereotypes — was hypocritical because the paper also ran cartoons critical of the occupy movement. Just for the record, columns and cartoons do not