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Another Escape from York County Jail

It seems that I can’t get away from crime and punishment, York County style.
I was checking the files at York County Heritage Trust today to see if I could find out what was carved on the tablet above the door of 1853 York County Prison, which I wrote about in my recent post. I didn’t find that information yet, but I did find a copy of the item below from the September 7, 1764 Maryland Gazette.
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“Broke out of York Jail in York County, the following five Persons, viz. Matthew Forsythe, a thick well-set Fellow, ages about 23 Years, has red Hair, and is much freckled. Had on a white Broad-Cloth Coat, Cotton Velvet Jacket, white Stockings, and old Shoes. He is a very resolute Fellow. John Maln, an Englishman, 5 feet 10 Inches high, of a swarthy Complexion, wears a Blanket Coat, short under Jacket, and dark brown Hair. He was confined for Felony, for which he received his Punishment. William Philips, a short thick well set Fellow, very remarkable for thick Legs, and is a Shewman. Had on a short strip’d red Jacket, and speaks much on the Welch Dialect. Charles (a Negro) committed on Suspicion of Felony, very remarkable, having lost his right Arm, and is a supple Fellow. William (a Mulatto) the Property of one Snively in Concocheague, a thick well-set Fellow, wears a brown Homespun Coat, coarse Trowsers, strong Shoes, and brown Yarn Stockings, but no Buckles.
Whoever secures the said Matthew Forsythe, shall receive Ten Pounds Reward, and Forty Shillings for any or either of the Rest, or Eight Pounds for the Whole, paid by
Robert M’Pherson, Sheriff.”
Makes you wonder why Forsythe rated the highest reward.
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