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Mail call: Crider’s memories from Yvonne Welt

Much earlier this year, I asked if anyone remembered Crider’s store in downtown York, and shared some thoughts I’d gathered from a few readers.

Later, I received a letter from Yvonne Welt, who writes about Crider’s:

“I worked there in the late fifties as the bookkeeper and again in the mid ’60s. Mr. Chambers was one of the nicest people to work for. Crider’s did not have a basement level. The front section of the store was the card dept. and the back of the store was the toy dept. Murphy’s store at the corner of East Market and North George Street had the basement level for toys and such.”

She adds, “Other stores in the same block as Crider’s were Stillman’s, May’s, Charles and a small restaurant.”

That clears up some details in that earlier post; thank you so much, Yvonne!

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