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Memories of Yoe and more from a faithful reader

Way back in 2011, I shared a post from reader Gizz Davis, who shared his memories of growing up in Yoe.

Since then, I have not really made the time to go back and revisit that area, and it’s long overdue for me to share a letter I received from reader Laura Seitz of York Township.

Laura writes that she is a faithful reader and had memories to share based on the Yoe memories as well as several previous posts.

She writes, “Regarding area drive-ins, I have never seen anything mentioned about Spurg’s drive-in on S. Queen Street before you get to Spry. I think there is a restaurant there now but I don’t know the name of it. Anyhow, I worked there as a car hop in 1955 and 1956 when I was in high school. I remember the first day I started I was clipping the tray onto the car when the milk shake that was on the tray tipped and spilled in the car on the driver. I really was embarrassed but he was very good about it and didn’t get angry.”

I’ve had several readers mention that we SHOULD talk more about Spurg’s, but have received precious few notes about it, so please, send away!

Regarding Gizz Davis’ Yoe memories, Laura recalled, “I went to school at the elementary school located at the intersection of Springwood Road and Yoe’s Main Street. There were four rooms. Two classes were held in each room. This went to 8th grade. From there we either went to Red Lion or Dallastown High School. At that time, we were able to choose which school we wanted to go to. I chose Dallastown. I also remember the fool’s gold that we collected on the hill behind the school. We used to call them lucky stones. I also have lots of fond memories of Gibby’s store. At recess we would go to Gibby’s store for a snack. My mother had told Mr. Gibson to just keep a running tab of what my brother and I got and she would pay it every week or two. I remember my mother wondering what in the world my brother and I were buying after she had paid several of these bills. As it turned out, we were treating all of our friends too. So ended that.”

And, Laura continued, “I attended church across the street from the school. Back then it was an EUB church; now it is United Methodist. I remember in the basement where we had Sunday school classes. There was a wooden door that if you opened it you could see and hear the creek running under the church. The creek also passed beside Gibby’s store. I also remember putting pennies on the railroad track as Gizz did. I guess the kids in Yoe did the same things.”

Laura also recalled the former theater on Springwood Road, which we also talked about in a past post. She notes, “Regarding the theatre along Springwood Road, I lived about a block from it in a large Victorian house that sat up on a hill. I remember going to the movies there whenever they were showing. This was a big treat for us. I also remember seeing a live magic show there. I had never seen anything like it before so we kids were really awed by this. This theatre was owned by a Mr. Swords. We also went to Springwood Park and pool. I remember having some of our birthday parties there. The water in the pool was always cold. We would often ride the train from Yoe to East Market Street. I do remember riding the train when it made its last run. Wish I remember the date. Maybe someone knows.”

Finally, Laura recalled something we just talked about recently – a local bakery of the past. She writes that after reading a previous post about the former City Market in York, “I worked there about 1954. I worked for Zech’s Bakery. The bakery was located in Yoe but they had stands in all the markets. I remember getting up very early Saturday mornings, I guess around 5 a.m., it was still dark. I would arrange all the baked goods at the stand. I can still remember all the fresh breads, doughnuts and cakes. People would have special orders for the things they wanted each week so I would make sure there were put aside for them as things got sold out very fast. I usually worked there until the afternoon at which time we closed stand.”

I’d love to hear more about Zech’s as well as all these other topics! Please comment and share your memories!