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Store memories of Delco Plaza, Silo and more from a longtime reader

One of our longtime Only in York County commenters is Yorker Scott C., and today, I have a handful of memories from him I want to share, of areas that are particularly familiar to me!

Scott was following up on some previous posts, such as memories of the York Mal and our large and always-growing Stores and Restaurants of the Past directory.

He writes, “I would like to share my memories of the Delco Plaza, which was an indoor shopping center. The major anchors, K-Mart and Hills (later Ames), were located at opposite ends of the shopping center. In between was a 5-screen UA Cinemas and several small shops, some of which were accessible from both inside and outside. There was Pet World, Comix Connection, Megatronix (video games), Bookland, D.E. Jones, and a post office branch. At the center entrance was an arcade, a pizza place, and a Chinese restaurant. Other tenants include an eye doctor, a dentist, Oletowne Jewelers, Kempo Karate, and a PennDOT driver’s license center. I remember there being an indoor mini-golf for a brief time in the early 1990’s. The shopping center was demolished in 2005 and has since been redeveloped. Other nearby businesses that were also demolished include Tractor Supply (former Pathmark store), Ollie’s, and Roll-R-Way.”

Later, Scott also shared a memory of some of the stores along Route 30. “I remember my family getting our first microwave at Silo in the late 1980s. Microwaves were big, heavy, and expensive back then. Silo was an appliance store on Route 30 across from the North Mall. It is now Aaron’s. To the left was Color Tile (now Sleepy’s Mattress). Four Seasons Fireplace & Patio was to the right (now JFC Staffing). Across the street was Boston Chicken, which later became Boston Market. It operated as a Gateway Country computer store in the late 1990s and is now Vitamin World. There was also a Boston Market on East Market Street (near the York Mall) which has been converted into an Arby’s.”

These are great memories, Scott, thanks for sharing! These are areas I can’t get enough of hearing about!

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