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Rebels did not burn York’s train station

In a recent post, I examined a recent debate whether Maj. Gen. Jubal Early’s Confederate invaders destroyed the train station in York, Pennsylvania, forcing the construction of a new brick building which the Northern Central Railway expensed at $5,000 for fiscal 1863.
As you can see by the above post from the May 7, 1863, Baltimore Sun, that rather extensive construction project pre-dated the Rebel invasion and relates to ongoing expansion of the York facilities and the addition of a second track running to York from Baltimore, Maryland. The old antebellum wooden depot was dismantled and moved into a nearby location as a private warehouse.
This newly found newspaper clipping corroborates contemporary Confederate accounts that they did not harm any structures in York, except rolling stock and certain accessories such as the track scale.
One York County Civil War mystery solved!
Now if only I could find the name of the slain Union courier at Green Ridge!
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