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Word search contest winners

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Congratulations to the winners of the York Sunday News word search contest, published on the editorial page New Year’s Day. Contestants were asked to use clues to identify names in the news from 2011, then find them in the word search. Each correct entry was entered in a drawing for three prizes (see the video above).


Umbrella: Rosemarie Kocher
Gift bag 1: Richard Helfrich
Gift bag 2: Christina L. Byers

Answers to the puzzle after the jump…

– Central figure of the Penn State scandal: Sandusky

– Won remarkable write-in victory for York City Council seat: Helfrich

– She caused major local flooding: Irene

– Dover fullback won Super Bowl ring: Kuhn

– Pioneering black jurist died too young: Patterson

– Grieving father lost Supreme Court case to wacko church: Snyder

– Longtime coach fired in wake of abuse scandal: Paterno

– Ruled ineligible for Wrightsville office but already gone: Rambler

– Former assistant chief clerk stole $347,477 from county: Glatfelter

– County native new U. of Maryland football coach: Edsall

– Longtime senator lost his seat: Specter

– New senator from Pa. served on “supercommittee”: Toomey

– County judge accused of domestic abuse: Kelley

– York football standout, NFL great still not in Hall of Fame: Doleman

– Celebrated artist from Dover buying, preserving riverlands: Koons

– New chancellor at Penn State York: Plowfield

– Two new judges elected: Strong, Trebilcock

– New city school chief: Wortham

– Mother of “hidden” children: Bowers

– Shot, decapitated brother: Carbaugh

– Three soldiers from York County killed in war: Hidalgo, Zerbe, Wrinkle

– Parents accused of killing Russian adoptee: Cravers