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Where do we get our ideas anyway?

Sometimes ideas for stories or crafts just pop into my head. Take this one, for instance. I was changing the freshener in my car and thought, “How can I repurpose this, make something new out of something used?” Then I noticed that the car freshener, which was round, sort of looked like an ornament. And, it already had the string to hang on the tree. I started to imagine all of the things I could do with that round piece of cardboard.

The next day, I shared my idea with our awesome graphic artist Sammie, who’s super crafty. She took the idea and ran with it. Be sure to check out her creations.

First, she bought the fresheners and hung them in her garage to air out. She said her husband commented on the smell, a combination of many different fragrances. When the fresheners were “used,” she went to work creating the ornaments. Sam turned that round freshener into a holiday wreath!

So, you just never know when an idea will pop into your head. Sometimes it’s when you least expect it, when you’re doing an ordinary thing like changing the freshener in your car and ask, “What if?”

I once made the kids jingle sticks out of paint stirrers and jingle bells, but that’s a story for another day.