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The Great Wall at the YDR is becoming greater

A mockup of a formerly off-white wall in the newsroom of the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News. When completed, the ‘York Daily Record’ letters will be 18.25 inches high and 162.5 inches wide. The ‘ydr.com’ letters will measure 13.8 inches ingh and 67 inches wide. 

More than a year ago, things came together to move The York Dispatch’s staff to 1891 Loucks Road.

That put two competing news organizations – The Dispatch and the York Daily Record – in the same West Manchester plant.

So, the two competitors needed some type of divider.

The Great Wall – 50 feet in length and 10 feet high – went up.

The wall remains, but someone at the YDR came up with the idea to paint the Great Wall and then affix the York Daily Record’s logo to it.

YDR artist Samantha Dellinger designed a mockup, and a couple of coats of blue paint went on.

The YDR is awaiting the lettering from a sign company. That will come in March.

The Great Wall at 1891 Loucks Road then will become greater.