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Put your trust in more than polls


If a poll falls flat in the wilderness of the World Wide Web, does it still make a sound?
I hope so, at least eventually. Last week’s opinion-page poll on the York County Heritage Trust drew just 29 responses.
Now, when someone asks me a question, I like to think about it before answering. And it may be that all this talk about the future of the Trust is still too new for most to have much of an opinion.
No doubt the members of the Trust, at least, as given the matter considerable attention, given the thoughtful and candid nature of their report exploring the historical society’s future options.
As it was, keeping the Trust’s 10 buildings got six votes, a little more than 20 percent of our small sample, even if that meant reducing hours or closing the Agricultural Museum. Consolidating the Trust’s resources at its East Market Street location got six votes, while consolidating over at the Ag Museum instead got nine. Finally, centering the Trust’s many activities near the Rail Trail and Codorus Creek got the most votes.
Of course, all those things cost money, so they will take public support if they are ever going to be more than silent visions on the World Wide Web. The Trust could play a key role in vibrant, revitalized future for the city.
But all a poll or a report can do is raise questions. How they get answered will be up to all of us.
This week’s poll question asks about Gov. Tom Wolf’s death-penalty moratorium, a topic on which I suspect most folks will have a ready opinion. Go to ydr.com/opinion to make your point of view count.