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GatheringPoint is expanding how we share news

We’ve been doing some testing here at YDR on some location-based social media maps.
We started working with GatheringPoint mapping in mid July with this page for our Dallastown readers.
It shows all the social media communication going on in that area.
On the Friday morning after the deadly theater shooting in Colorado, Brittany Wilson, put together a map for all of our properties to show the communication coming out of Aurora.
We continued with more maps two days later at Penn State.

We created maps around Beaver Stadium when Penn State University took down the statue of Joe Paterno. We also created one on Monday when the sanctions came down on Penn State.
Readers responded.
The page for the maps quickly jumped into our site’s most-viewed listing.
Two days later, Steve Buttry blogged about our maps.
From that post, one of our sister papers liked the idea and created an Olympics map. Very cool.
We’ll be doing more maps. If you have any suggestions, let me know.