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I got a lot of responses on my “awhile” post, with enough other Yorkisms suggested to keep me posting for a long time. Thanks to everyone who wrote and posted comments! One that drew a few comments was It’s all. Most people said this is also a Lancaster County thing;

I’ve had this weird thing going on in my left eye for about a week now. It’s not pinkeye or a sty (the doctor says), so my mother has decided I have “a cold in my eye.” Our vet uses that phrase about my cats occasionally, and I don’t know

Next in an ongoing series on York County-isms Awhile: Ex. “I’m going to the store awhile.” or “Dinner’s almost ready; wash your hands awhile.” Literal translation: The closest I can come is “in the meantime,” or until something else is done. It does not mean “for a while.” When you’re

First in an ongoing series of York County-isms Whatfer: Ex. “Whatfer vegetables we having with dinner tonight, Mom?” or “Whatfer shoes you wearing?” Literal translation: The closest I can come is “What are you wearing for shoes” but even that doesn’t make a ton of sense. “Which” could serve the