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Rax, anyone?

Does anyone remember a fast-food-type restaurant named Rax that used to be on Route 30 near George Street, I think where the McDonald’s was before it moved across the street?

(Wow, how’s that for a lot of used-to-bes in one sentence?)

Anyway, my mom used to take me to Rax all the time. But not only have I never heard of or seen another Rax, no one I talk to around here remembers this one.

With the wonders of the Internet, I did find this Wikipedia entry on Rax, which seems to indicate the chain met with rather sad circumstances. On the bright side, however, when I leave next week for a two-week vacation driving across the country, I might be able to hit one in the midwest.

Anyone else remember Rax?

4 comments on “Rax, anyone?

  1. Yes I remember Rax restaurant on the Golden Strip in Williamsport, PA. Enjoyed their salad bar. Did have lovely atmosphere and reasonably priced. Wondered why they closed up? Friends and us use to eat there on the weekends.

  2. I remember there being a rax on queen street too. Where taco bell is now across from queensgate. Speaking of queensgate remember there used to be a bobs big boy in there where the movie theater is now? It used to be to the left of the movies if you were facing the building. The good old days.

    1. El Rodeo is in an old Rax on Route 30. That building was several things after Rax before it became El Rodeo in the 90s. You can tell because of the front windows. I remember going there in the early 80s.

  3. I worked at the Rex Roast Beef restaurant on rd 30 just west of Pennsylvania ave where the rodeo is now. I worked there in the late 70s when they brought out their “name brand breakfast “. They gave away free breakfasts for a week as a promo. We were swamped but the following week when it wasn’t free we were dead and the restaurant closed not long after. Good place to work for a teenager in those days. Goid food too, at least for the sandwiches. Sorry to see it go.

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