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What it used to be

I’m sure you’re familiar with the York County habit of calling places by “what they used to be,” often with no regard for the fact that it hasn’t been that in decades.

Like the Yorkisms, I’m going to try to collect these, and I’m open to suggestions, so post comments below!

My favorite is Zimmie’s (Zimmy’s? I’m not even sure how you spell it.) That’s what the Green Valley swim club on Poplars Road in West Manchester Township used to be. As far as I can tell, it’s been Green Valley at least since I was in elementary school, possibly longer.

But I call it Zimmie’s. My friends all call it Zimmie’s. Because that’s what our parents called it. My daughter, who took swimming lessons there last summer, even called it that.

Indoctrinating a third generation. I love it.

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