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A good day for picnics (and cats)

So today included three picnic-type events for our family. All with good food and fun stuff to do. All included hot dogs; two included cats. What more can you ask for?

First, we had a trip to the SPCA’s Adopt-A-Thon, where we ate hot dogs (does that seem a little awkward at all?) and Martin’s Chips and, even more importantly, brought home a very cute black cat. My daughter, who is 7, named him Huggles.

We went home, settled the cat into our master bath with all sorts of cat amenities, then went to our church picnic, which doubled as a farewell dinner for the pastor who married my husband and I. There, we had the following local picnic classics: deviled eggs, burgers in sloppy-joe-type sauce, Rutter’s drinks, rhubarb pie, and more types of brownies than even my sweets-loving husband knew what to do with. We also had a ventriloquist perform; my daughter and some friends had a water-balloon toss; an egg-and-spoon race (we won); and a strange game in which my mother wrapped me up in an entire roll of toilet paper and I got so dizzy I almost barfed (we lost).

Then, we came home, checked on the cat (I just can’t bring myself to call the poor thing Huggles) yet again, and headed off to a cookout with my best friend and her family. More hot dogs and hamburgers, some buffalo chicken dip, Middleswarth barbecue chips and lots of fun in kiddie pools and sprinklers for my daughter and theirs. The big fun here was that, unknown to me, my best friend’s outdoor cat just had a little of five kittens.

So, there you have it: A day off, full of York County fun and many animals. In honor of Bob Barker’s retirement, I’ll leave you with this: Remember, ladies and gentlemen, have your pets spayed or neutered! And if you have any picnic (or cat) stories to share, post a comment!

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