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You’ve heard the New York Wire factory whistle. But have you seen it?

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Many York countians have heard the mournful New York Wire factory steam whistle on Christmas Eve. But to see it? Well, that’s rare. You could see the steam, but not the fixture itself. So here we see the whistle as it is being dismounted from the roof of New York Wire. Its new home will be Metso, a couple of blocks away. Which leads the York, Pa., Daily Record/Sunday News to wonder in an editorial –  New factory whistle concerts needed – whether summer concerts might be in the plans, possibly linked in with the Fourth of July fireworks at nearby Sovereign Bank (Santander) Stadium. Kind of combining the two changing traditions. What do you think? Also of interest: Check out these stories and photos about the New York Wire factory whistle concert.


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Ugh!: About 50 tombstone were toppled at Prospect Hill Cemetery. What’s the point of that?

World War I: An Allied shell buried a unit of German soldier alive and their perfectly preserved bodies have been recovered. Check out this story and photos from UK’s Daily Mail.

The Front Page: A query came via email about why The York Dispatch apparently didn’t run a front page photo between 1906 (Teddy Roosevelt) and 1988 (George Bush I.) Was it cost?

I responded: “To get to your question, I never heard an explanation; you could email Larry Hicks, who is helpful. We know that in the early 1900s, newspaper photography was still not always used, it was in its infancy. I believe the York Gazette used (photos) in 1899 and then only sporadically for a few years after that. So one can understand that photography at Dispatch would also be rare in 1906. But as you know, it became less expensive as the 20th century developed and not sure why it wasn’t implemented… . A guess is that it was to distinguish from the Gazette and Daily, which did a good job with photos particularly after it became a tab. So short answer: Ask Larry Hicks.”

Check out this post to see the Dispatch’s front page photo of Teddy Roosevelt.

cafeBest bet: The Chestnut Hill Cafe on Lancaster’s west side is a comfortable coffee shop to third place.