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York Symphony + Lawrence Golan + The Strand = A1 entertainment

Lawrence Golan directs 77 musicians performing in his inaugural concert as conductor of the York Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014. The concert featured
This past week, York countians experienced a never-before-seen view of the York Symphony Orchestra and a seldom-seen look at its concert hall – the Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center. In the first category, brand new conductor Lawrence Golan conducted the York Symphony before a full house. In the second, the YDR’s Jason Plotkin went on a dizzying tour of ‘upstairs’ at the Strand. Check out the video of that attic tour below, plus eight other pieces of information or links about the YSO and its beautiful hall. Also of interest: Ella Fitzgerald outshone UFO sightings during 1980 Strand-Capitol opening in York.


2. Upstairs at the Strand.


3. This story tells about the first concert under the new director, successor to Robert Hart Baker, who had conducted the symphony since 1984: Sold-out show.

4. This is how social media assessed this first YSO concert under its new director, plus a rock concert at nearby Sovereign Bank Stadium: Busy night in downtown York.

5. This concert preview story has all kinds of information about the YSO and its new director:Lawrence Golan begins with full house at the Strand-Capitol.

6. Information such as YSO conductors over the years:

January 1933 to April 1933: George King Raudenbush

November 1933 to April 1936: Sylvan Levin

November 1936 to April 1950: Louis Vyner

April 1950 to March 1956: George Hurst

October 1956 to March 1960: Robert Mandell

November 1960 to May 1971: Francios Jaroschy

November 1971 to April 1983: James Christian Pfohl

October 1983 to 2013: Robert Hart Baker

May 2014: YSO names Lawrence Golan conductor


7. And this fun fact about the new director:

Lawrence Golan is 47 years old and began playing violin at 2 years old. He began his professional career at 16 years old and became a composer at 23.


8. A scene from inside the concert hall:


9. What Facebook said:


10. And some past YorkTownSquare.com posts on the YSO:

YSO + YLT = A1 entertainment and Musician hawked tickets for first YSO concert and Here’s the YSO’s practice hall.