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York Safe & Lock expert: ‘People are always asking me what a safe is worth?’

You’ve met southeastern York County, Pa., businessman Fred Beihl before. He’s an auctioneer and appraiser, which brings him into contact with valuable things from the past. One specialty is safes. And locks. And old products from York Safe & Lock. Of course, all products from York Safe & Lock are old. The company stopped doing business by that name circa 1942, when its owner and mastermind S. Forry Laucks died. Back to Fred, who is always generous with his insights, and this particular York safe, a 450 pounder.

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Fred Beihl explained that the client purchased this safe, transported it and then closed the door. It locked. ‘I opened it in 20 minutes,’ Fred said. ‘The moral of the story is don’t pay full retail for an old safe that needs proper service!’



He continued: ‘The Lock needed cleaning, proper lubrication, and the inside door insulation was cracked and in need of restoration. I see this all the time, and people pay too much for a safe that needs professional work! It may cost you up to $350.00 or more to have any safe restored/ serviced on top of what you pay for it at the garage sale. People are always asking me what a safe is worth? An old rusted safe with no guarantee of insulation quality is not worth what you think.’ So if you think you need an insulation work right away you can check out sites like https://fdinsulation.com/attic-insulation/radiant-barriers/ to opt with your concerns.



And more from Fred Beihl: ‘Be honest with yourself (York Safe & Lock is “OUT of Business”) has the safe been serviced or inspected properly in the last 50 years?’


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