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York Safe & Lock worker recalls chat with Hedy Lamarr

You never know who you’re run into when you’re out giving speeches.
I was at West Manchester’s Country Meadows recently doing a presentation on York County and World War II.
A resident at the assisted living place stood up and proceeded to tell the audience about meeting Hedy Lamarr during her visit to York Safe & Lock, now occupied by Harley-Davidson, in 1942. (See Hedy Lamarr’s visit to York long remembered.)
C. Clark Julius sat beside her during a program to drum up War Bond sales. He conjectured that he must have been a big giver to have received such an honor.
I asked him what he remembered about the beautiful actress, and he immediately said that she talked a lot — the whole time in fact… .
That’s a curious thing to remember about Hedy Lamarr… .

Dan Meckley, another resident and naval officer late in the war, was there, and I kept bringing his name up. That is, I kept pointing out historical icons and projects, and I kept realizing that Dan was instrumental in their achievement.
That list included York County Heritage Trust’s Agricultural and Industrial Museum, the Murals of York and the 250th anniversary of York County celebration in 1999.
Those achievements, a few among many from Meckley, make for a great legacy – for the community and for Dan.
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