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York, Pa.’s, unforgettable landmark: Lincoln Highway Garage

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The Lincoln Highway Garage was an often-photographed landmark in the York area. And why not? It went back to the early days of the Lincoln Highway, opening for business in 1921. Its proprietors provided over-the-top service before that became a cliche. The restaurant was welcome on a night like this – in 1950 – before fast-food started coming into the York area about 1970. But the old landmark came down 10 years ago, and a modern convenience store went up in time for a 2005 dedication. That provides an interesting old-and-new comparison in itself – the transition from full-service stations to self service in the form of a Turkey Hill store that adapted themes from the old garage into its design. This post when Royal Farms went in on Route 30, the Lincoln Highway’s bypass, discusses this change a bit more. See the full slate in the Picturing History series. Also of interest: Here is another view of the Lincoln Highway Garage/Turkey Hill before-and-after combo.


Neat stuff from all over … .


 Pauline Hurd posed a question that you might be able to answer about a one-room school house near Spring Grove, in the Amish community. (If so, please comment below).:

“I attended that school from about 1935 until 1942 . Is it still there?”


Scenic Susquehanna Trail: Stephen H. Smith continues his compelling series on the Susquehanna Trail, one of Pennsylvania’s early highways of note: The Susquehanna Trail lands York, PA at the Crossroads of PA Routes 1 & 4. The Lincoln Highway, btw, is highway No. 1



The long-awaited dig at the suspected site of Camp Security, York County’s prisoner-of-war camp begins today. We’ll have updates as to what is found. These artifacts came from a previous dig.


Dover’s birthday: Dover borough’s 250th anniversary was celebrated on a rain-soaked day. Check out YDR’s coverage.


Days gone by: These are before-and-after photos of a different sort. Quite a contrast. Feel free to comment, like or share.



*At top, ‘old’ photo courtesy of York County Heritage Trust; new photo, York Daily Record/Sunday News