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York, Pa.’s own Snow Horizontal Cross Compound Pumping Engine installed in new Bethlehem museum

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The big pump has some amazing stats, according to a York, Pa., Daily Record story: Weight, 115 tons; Daily pumping capacity, 8 million gallons a day; years in active use by the York Water Co., 1914-1956; and  foundation size in new home, 78 cubic yards of concrete. The new home for this Snow Horizontal Cross Compound Pumping Engine is the National Museum of Industrial History, under construction in Bethlehem. York County’s Agricultural and Industrial Museum has a big pump, too, a vertical compressor from York Corporation, now Johnson Controls. And a twin of this pump resides today in the York Water Co.’s Brillhart Station pumping plant, where the museum piece pictured operated for years. Here’s the best part: a knuckle boom crane was used in its installation. Love these engineering terms? The big pump points to a larger question. At a time that museums nationally are downsizing and scrambling for funds, why would you install a mammoth pump in a big new museum? Still, best wishes to the Bethlehem history buffs. Also of interest: Agricultural and Industrial Museum housed in old Motter printing press building.


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Grace Manor B&B at 258 West Market Street in York February 9, 2015 Paul Kuehnel - Daily Record/Sunday News
WeCo’s Grace Manor has been in the news before as an interesting place for visitors to York to stay. Now, it has remodeled and expanded a bit, and the York Daily Record was there to create this photo gallery. By the way, WeCo stands for West of the Codorus.

A Facebook group designed to provide a forum for people to discuss what works and what needs work about York City is gaining traction.

About 250 fans have joined this community forum. Check out and join in: Fixing York PA.


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