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York, Pa., artist documented interesting off-the-beaten path sites

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 This is why Cliff Satterthwaite’s documentary artwork is so important. The now-Virginia-based artist captured this scene at the Children’s Home of York and hundreds of other scenes around York County from the 1950s to the 1980s. The Children’s Home then stood at Pine and Philadelphia, at right in this scene. But the home and its grounds have given way to a small shopping center and a high-rise apartment complex. As here, the artist sometimes showed scenes off the main roads – in alleys such as Clarke Avenue. Here’s another example: An art show on Clarke. More drawings in the Cliff Satterthwaite category. Also of interest: Check out this still photograph of the now-demolished Children’s Home.  

Neat stuff from all over … .

Roy Flinchbaugh has been a welcome emailer for years, providing all kinds of useful insights.

Here’s a  recent email about his own experiences with powwowing that came in response to my York Sunday News column/YorkTownSquare.com blog post about a local pow-wower, Jacob Zellers:

“I am a living example! In the 30’s, when I was quite young, I had a lump on the back of my knee.  My parents, who were ordinary, middle-class people & good churchgoers, opted to take me to what was then styled a “pow-wow doctor” who lived on Salem Ave. in York  I don’t remember what he did, but, I must confess, the lump went away.  No one was in any way meant to be harmed as “payment” for my “treatment.” My paternal grandmother also knew how to pow-wow, but I learned that fact only when I was nearly 20 years old.

“All I knew (for she was very secretive about it) was that something she did involved a pie plate.  I also understood that in the course of pow-wowing one had to use the name of the Holy Trinity in Pennsylvania Dutch (Fotter,Buu uun Heili Geist”).  Critical wits turned that formula into “heili, heili hinkeldreck,” meaning “holy, holy chicken s__t.

“And those were the oft-cited ‘good old days’?”


Living legacy: This is just interesting, reminding you of a tree-planting program to commemorate the World War I dead in York County and beyond.


A nearby site: This lighthouse is less than 25 miles from Delta, a great day trip.


Intriguing vet:  Mike Argento tells an interesting story about an interesting World War II vet with an interesting headline: He became a World War II pilot because he didn’t want to walk.


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