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York, Pa., a community in change

I pressed my view that the York-area is stronger because of its growing acceptance of its Civil War heritage in a Sunday column. http://www.ydr.com/search/ci_3982907
For example, the more we come to grips with York’s surrender to the invading Confederates, the more we grapple with issues of race. (That comes on the heels of a similar discussion about how the York area is progressing on race by evaluating the Murals of York. http://www.ydr.com/editor/ci_3848541)
Now more evidence emerges that the Civil War is coming more into the community’s view. Scott Butcher has made many contributions through his writings, photography and Web site http://www.yorklinks.net/ to the community’s understanding of its past. Just recently, he has put forth “Civil War Walking Tour of York, Pennsylvania.” www.yorkcivilwar.com
Here’s what he says about it:

“It is more of a booklet than a book, but is 24 pages in full color. The first half is a guide to the Civil War related buildings and sites in York while the second half is interesting facts and stories. Did you know that Robert E. Lee had apparently selected York as one of two places to fight a battle? Or that York was the largest Northern town to be occupied by the Confederate Army during the war? Or that on June 29-30, in addition to the 6,000 troops already here, another 25,000 Confederates were in route to York? Or even that General Meade was headed to Hanover Junction on June 30, bringing the Army of the Potomac with him?”

The booklet, published by the York County Heritage Trust, is available at the museum shops of the Heritage Trust — Historical Society Museum, 250 East Market; Agricultural & Industrial Museum, 217 West Princess.
Good stuff, from a community in change.