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1921 York High Yearbook – ‘I thought someone would find it interesting.’ Part 2

The staff of the 1921 York High yearbook pose for the camera. The yearbook, “Orange and Blue,” is full of neat stuff, such as this about class president Clair Blum. “Here is the fellow from Shilo/He got lost in his father’s Silo. When he was asked how he got out, he replied, ‘How should I know.’ ” Also of interest: Who was Hannah Penn of York City middle school fame? and York community leader: ‘We didn’t have equal opportunity to achieve’ and People mag features York native as a ‘Hero Among Us’ and 1967 William Penn senior class scored firsts.

My York Sunday News column, based on the blog post, 1921 York High Yearbook: ‘I thought someone would find it interesting’, drew these recollections from
Yorker Roy Flinchbaugh:

My mother, sister & I all attended this school. Mother attended it as York
High; my sister & I attended it as Hannah Penn Junior High School. My dad
attended York County Academy. When I attended Hannah Penn it was flanked by two
“temporary” buildings (one-floor annexes) which housed additional classrooms.
The auditorium was on the top floor (& what a fire hazard that was!). I also
had some classes in the old Cherry Street School around the corner–in fact, my
home room was in that building.

That’s an interesting view from the present to the past.
The yearbook’s ads also tell much about those times from the vantage point of those times, as I point out in a sidebar to my column:

One from York Sanitary Milk Co. advises “Pasteurized Milk is Safe Milk.”
An ad underscoring the importance of pasteurization suggests the practice had not gained a firm foothold in agricultural York County, even as late as 1921.
Still, the pasteurized vs. raw milk debate occasionally bubbles up today.
H.L Neuman Co. also dealt with milk – or a milk product – in its advertisement. Neuman touted its product as “The Cream of All Ice Cream,” urging yearbook readers to “Eat a Plate of Ice Cream Every Day!”
Some York countians observed that counsel and passed it and other excessive eating habits on to future generations.
Ninety years later, the York-Hanover region is the fourth most obese U.S metro area.

To see the full York Sunday News column about York High, visit: 1921 yearbook shows how education has changed.
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