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Royal Square in York, Pa.: These buildings will be in the middle of things. Actually, they already are

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This remote section of Royal Square Development continues to expand in York City, Pa. Actually, it’s not remote – right down North Beaver Street from Central Market. And when the Northwest Triangle goes up a short piece the other way across from North Beaver, these buildings will be in the middle of things. Santander Stadium will be a short walk to the east. The White Rose eatery to the south. And the buildings are remote from the epicenter of Royal Square and King and Duke streets, showing the influence and reach the developers are having along key streets in York’s downtown and across the Codorus in the WeCo District. This map shows Royal Square properties in and around this epicenter. Also of interest: 6 views of York, Pa.’s, Royal Square, then and now.

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A YorkTownSquare.com reader and Lancaster County resident enjoyed a recent post that included an aerial photo of Jefferson’s square.

He shared this story about the southwestern York County town:

“As a kid, I spent many a Saturday at noon looking for the Concorde to fly overhead as it approached its landing airfield (I forget if it was headed to DC or NY).

“The navigational location for its descent just happened to be the Jefferson area.  Only after someone knew someone who knew someone who flew to the states on the Concorde did we learn that the aircrews would always try to spot the distinctive North-South-East-West target of the town square as it matched up well with their descent.

“The Concordes very distinctive Delta wing shape and its legendary luxury and speed and cost made spotting it a real thrill for a boy in a rural town like Jefferson.

“Now, the Concorde is retired and Jefferson has grown to many times its former size.

“The only constant is change.”

Unusual event: This doesn’t happen often in York County

gravesSt. John Episcopal Church is seeking to move graves to pave way for an addition. “We are creating one big building instead of two smaller buildings,” a church spokesman said. For details, check out: North Beaver Street church.



Hard to believe that Weinbrom Jewelers close almost 10 years ago. But this landmark store will be developed as part of Royal Square properties. This is just a neat picture.  Jerry Writer, one of the store’s owners. meets with a customer in 2006.  In the foreground is a photo from 1988 with David Hancock, an owner who passed away in 2003; owner Mi Hwa Harrold; and Writer. 


History Mystery: How do you remember this place? Please comment below.

History Mystery: Some remember this place as a farmhouse. Others, as a restaurant. And others, for its use today as a…

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